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Keine Anmeldung möglich - Feminism in the 21st century education - Vortrag auf Englisch

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The lecture concerns a historical overview of the feminist theory and the attempts to connect it with social and political movements outside the academia to produce social change. It nurtures a critical stance towards media, literature, sociology, linguistics etc. being a plural field of theory and politics asserting that sex is a fundamental and irreducible axis of social organization, which has subordinated women to men (Barker 2000). It overviews patriarchy as a structural subordination of women, sex as an organizing principle of social life and feminism as a movement concerned to construct political strategies by which to intervene in social life in pursuit of the interests of women. Participants get acquainted with the notions of liberal feminism, difference feminism, social feminism, postcolonial feminism and examples from everyday life are used throughout to support major theoretical claims answering why feminism remains an important topic in the 21st century education.
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17.06.2019 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr Berliner Str. 77 vhs,414


Berliner Str. 77
63065 Offenbach


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